Hot Topics in Nursing Education

We are pleased to announce the Fall edition of the popular "Hot Topics in Nursing Education" webinar series that covers key topics of interest in the nursing education community    Read More »

Communication & Professionalism in Virtual Classrooms

Did you miss our webinar on Communication & Professionalism in Virtual Classrooms, presented by Cindy Fenke? If so -- or if you just want to review-- here's a link.    Read More »

Neighborhood 2.0 and QSEN Competencies

Did you miss our webinar on how Neighborhood 2.0 helps students achieve QSEN competencies with Michelle Aebersold? If so-- or if you just want to review-- here is a link to the recording.    Read More »

An Average Day in the Life of Nursing - An Infographic

This Infographic provides a surprisingly detailed account of an average day of a nurse.    Read More »

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