Where in the World is Patricia Benner?

Use the daily clues to guess the correct answer to this week's "Where in the World is Patricia Benner?"    Read More »

New "Thinking Like a Nurse" Webinars Added

"Thinking Like a Nurse" webinars continues with the following sessions: "Beyond Flipping the Classroom: True Transformation for Improved Clinical Reasoning"; "Thinking Like a Nurse Means Thinking about the Family"; and "It's ALL Mental Health Nursing: How Students' Perceptions, Thoughts & Feeling Influence Clinical Reasoning"     Read More »
Pearson welcomes attendees at the 2014 NLN Education Summit in Phoenix, AZ and explains how NLN Summit attendees can be entered to win a "Dinner with Benner" by submitting a "Picture with Patricia".     Read More »

Share with Your Students - Back-to-School Textbook Discount at MyPearsonStore

Please share this with your students so they can receive 20% off their Fall textbook purchase at mypearsonstore.com.    Read More »


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