Share your back to school experience - Take over our Instagram

Pearson is offering a unique opportunity for you to share your experience this semester getting back to school by taking over our Instagram account.    Read More »
Kathleen is weeks away from earning her associate’s degree. Reflecting on her educational experience, she shared how much she had learned during her Adult Physical Health Nursing 1 course.    Read More »

#MHM: 6 Habits to Increase your Mental Health

Let's be honest there is no end-all-be-all solution when it comes to protecting your mental health. There certainly aren't any vitamins you can take or exercises you can do that will alleviate all of your mental qualms. But that shouldn't deter us from taking moments out of our daily routine to implement new and creative ways to improve our mental health. Improve being the operative word.    Read More »

It Takes More than Memorization to Learn the Medical Language

As a practicing healthcare professional, I have high expectations for any student wishing to enter the medical field. I hold all of my students to high standards, including those students who are just beginning their healthcare journey and are required to learn the language of the medical field in just sixteen short weeks (one semester).    Read More »


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